Adorable Restaurants at Fullerton Hotel Will Make Your Life Complete

Fullerton Hotel is easy to reach from Changi Airport. Of course, it is also accessible easily from any other place in the city. It is on Singapore’s Central Business District, a very strategic area in this country.

No wonder everyone considers this hotel the best resort. Many people say that it is the most convenient hotel and will be a good choice among all staycation Singapore recommendations.

Staff members are always waiting at the hotel entrance. They seem to be ready for the whole day in embracing all guests. One of them opens the car door of guests, while others give such a friendly greet. It is an excellent service at the first step of the hotel that guests can enjoy very much.

Of course, it is easy to guess that every inch of the hotel must be tidy because the housekeeping staff has done the cleaning tasks flawlessly.

Gorgeous The Straits Club

Some guests have access to The Straits Club, the fourth-floor restaurant. It serves sumptuous buffet breakfast, afternoon tea, evening canapés, excellent cocktails, at certain hours. It is even more amazing that the breakfast also serves champagne. It sounds common in many hotels. But, the best thing about The Straits Club is the gorgeous design.

The seating has various types. It makes guests easy to choose the best seating that they need. Of course, all the menus here are outstanding, due to their good price. However, for those who want to experience a great breakfast by facing the Singapore River, they can opt for the same restaurant that sits on the ground level.

 Need the More Impressive Restaurants Here?

The Lighthouse Restaurant and Bar is on the Fullerton Hotel’s top. It is easy to imagine how dazzling the panorama will be. Sitting in every part of the restaurant can allow everyone to witness the magnificent Marina Bay view. It is luckier for any guest who can have the chance in choosing the window seat. For those who want to enjoy the tropical wind outdoor, there is a bar on top of the restaurant.

For another culinary experience, there is a Jade restaurant that is popular for its marvelous Chinese cuisines. Services here are not less amazing with the very authentic, mouthwatering recipes. Different menus are available on weekdays and weekends, so every day is the best time to visit this adorable restaurant. Jade also provides signatures mooncake collection. They are one-in-a-million servings that every guest should try.

They will serve many different recipes of cuisine that will not make you get bored. Even if you stay there for a long time, that will be a good time when you try many various spicy, sweet, and sour food that is very unique.

Those are only a few among the fabulous facilities that anyone can see at Fullerton Hotel. So, don’t stop your way to make a reservation for your next schedule of staycation Singapore plan. Your staycation will be more memorable with everything that this hotel serves for its guests.