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clean and beautiful is the hope for homeowners who can certainly give you the satisfaction and pride if it can be realized, a small room close relationship with dirt This requires a special trick to make it beautiful, the question is what things that can be in do to create a beautiful toilet, one answer is on how to install closet squat properly.

How to install closet squat properly :

First post first installation pvc pipe used as a sewer pipe that can be used must be at least 4 “to the end of the pipe that is connected to the squat closet is straight without a connection.

Create a picture of tiling floors and walls, define closet squatting position is between the symmetrical ceramic nad eg in ceramics or the middle of the intersection ceramic body.

Create marking or closet squatting position measurement in space toilet in accordance with working drawings that have been made previously.

Make sure the end of the pipe is at the center position squat closet that had been planned and carried out measurements.





Make a concrete mix with a mixture of 1 cement: 3 sand to make the holder closet and make a hollow at the end of the pipe in accordance with the shape of a squat closet that will be installed.

In a mortar position that has not been done laying mongering closet squatting in the right position.

Measure the flatness of the water closet squatting pass.

Wait until the mixture is completely dry before watering start creating squat with water closet.

After a sequence of how to install closet squatting No. 1 s / d 8 is doing the closet squatting mounted with good and ready to do the work others such as tiling the floor with the size of the cuts ceramic according to the drawings toilet that was made previously and used as guidelines in the implementation of the installation of closet squatting ,

Thus setting up your closet this squat to do in carrying out the work toilet house neat, clean, beautiful and convenient for use in carrying out various activities in the bathroom.